blogold's DIARY

Monday, November 22, 2004

Going home

Susan gave me an international call. Gang sent me email asking me when I would go back. These make me feel better, at least there are some friends are thinking of me.

A 16-year old but big girl won the idol of this country. I sit there for more than 3 hours from the begining of the show to the end. I thought another guy who is better would win, but again I was wrong, s***!

On Wednesday I will attend an induction for the new casual job, I have been waiting for so long. Now I doubt whether I could do this job. But I need extra money for going home...

Sunday, November 21, 2004

What am I doing?

Whenever I recall my last two presentations, whenever I remember the status I was standing there answering those questions, which I didn't know the answer at all, one word will come out from my mouth, F***! I don't know why. My presentations were not bad, becasue I think I was well prepared, but the question part was not good at all, I was standing there, like a idiot trying understanding those stranger questions. I shouldn't act like that, I should have done more reading, broadened my knowledge, and I shouldn't have acted like a stupid student, totally relying on my supervisor.

What am I doing? Why do I say like this? Do I forget that I am Young, Smart and Handsome?

Well, I don't know.